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Carry in Repair Service

Bray Technologies offers carry in repair for affordable computer service. We charge based on the service not based on the amount of time it takes. If your service takes a lot of time to resolve, you only pay the low flat rate. This ensures you know what your getting for your money! We also give discounts on flat rate for multiple services performed at the same time. Best value for "computer repair in Indianapolis!". All repair work is performed by Comptia A+ certified technicians and is guaranteed for 30 days unless specified otherwise. We work on all PCs and Apple computers.

Bray Technologies offers express carry in service for clients who need a fast turn time on computer repair. With Express carry in service we start on the system the same day it is delivered to our office. Most repairs can be finished the same day! Some systems may take longer based on the issue and parts availability for your system.

Partial list of Current Rates as 3/14/14:

Carry in hours of operation: 9am to 6pm Monday - Friday, Saturday 9am to Noon.

Virus and spyware cleanup standard (no root kit viruses) $125
Virus and Spyware Advanced cleanup $150
Install New Antivirus & Antispyware software (Software and labor included - requires cleanup purchase) $66.73
Repair operating system errors or no boot errors due to operating system damage $125
Repair no internet access $125
Data Transfer from old system to new system $125
Clone computer from old hard drive to new hard drive (Drive cost additional) $125
Install any single new component (excluding motherboard replacement, Parts additional) $125
Install memory upgrade with other service $49
Diagnose desktop system without repair $49
Diagnose desktop system with repair $0
Diagnose Laptop Basic (without repair and not requiring teardown) $49
Diagnose laptop Advanced includes teardown (without repair) $99
Diagnose Laptop Basic with repair $0
Diagnose Laptop Advanced includes teardown with repair $0

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